German silver strips

nastri in alpacca cobral

Cobral supplies German silver strips in CuNi12Zn24, CuNi18Zn20 and CuNi18Zn27 alloys

The thickness of the strips can vary from a minimum of 0.2 mm to a maximum of 3 mm, to meet the needs of different sectors: in fact, the German silver is used in the electronics, electrical components and in the more specific production of keys.

The company gives its customers the ability to provide even small lots, with sizes and sizes to be studied with the customer.

Certified strips

Quality is for Cobral a commitment to be put in place for each customer. For this reason, each batch of German silver strips, as well as any other non-ferrous semi-finished products that comes to the customer, is accompanied by a certificate attesting to its technical characteristics and quality.

Technical advice

Customizing the product to customer requirements is one of the strengths of Cobral’s semi-finished product delivery: it is made possible by the support of the technical staff who, thanks to their experience and professionalism, is able to locate the product in line with Specifications required.

Reference Norms
EN CuSn8 CEN CW453K ASTM (CDA) C52100 AFNOR CuSn9P BS PB104 JIS C5210

Technical features


0,20 - 3 mm


5 - 320 mm

Internal diameter

300 - 400 - 500 mm

Outer diameter

500 - 1100 mm

Mechanical characteristics

Physical properties

AlloysEN NODensityElectric conductibilityElasticity module
(N/mm2)g/cm2 MS/m%IACSKn/m2