German silver

Semi-finished non-ferrous products

Strips and sheets in German silver

Their good resistance to corrosion makes semi-finished products more popular, not only in the field of cutlery, but also in electrical components and key production. Cobral provides various copper-zinc-nickel alloys with copper at 50-60%, zinc at 15-30% and nickel at 10-30%: CuNi12Zn24, CuNi18Zn20, CuNi18Zn27.


Centuries past since German silver alloys have come from China and today German silver strips and sheets are a concrete answer to the needs of different markets. Excellent mechanical properties, good corrosion resistance and a silver-like appearance due to the presence of nickel: these are the preconditions for choosing semi-finished German silver, which Cobral supplies in strips and sheets, cut and packed according to the specific requests of the customer.

Supply German silver

Technical specifications and reference standards

German silver provided in accordance with the UNI EN 1652 reference standard

Supply of CuNiZn German silver

German silver alloys: CuNi12Zn24 – CuNi18Zn20 – CuNi18Zn27

hysical state: according to UNI EN 1652 norm

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