Aluminum strips

nastri in alluminio cobral

Aluminum strips production is a process consisting of several steps that meet very high quality standards

All input material is codified by a lot number, which makes it immediately traceable once stored in the warehouse. Before slitting, width and thickness requirements are set with the customer.

There are three slitting lines, two with a maximum width of 500 mm. The third slitter cuts strips with a width of 1500 mm or larger. The thickness of aluminum strips supplied by Cobral is between 0.2 mm and 4 mm.

Strips suitable for the production of electric transformers

Each Cobral aluminum metal strip is cut with extreme care and its thickness is measured inlet and outlet. The alignment of the spirals and the absence of burrs are two other fundamental characteristics that make the strips conforming to the specifications required in the field of electrical transformer production.

Carefully packaging in any detail

Aluminum strips are placed on wooden separators and wrapped in a Cobral branded plastic film that protects them from shocks and weather conditions. The delivered material is identified with a card fixed to the pallet, which specifies: Lot number, Customer name and all product technical specifications.

Reference Norms
EN Cu-ETP CEN CW004A ASTM (CDA) C11000 AFNOR Cu-a1 BS C101 JIS C1100
EN Cu-DHP CEN CW024A ASTM (CDA) C12200 AFNOR Cu-b1 BS C106 JIS C1220

Technical features


0,20 - 3,50 mm


5 - 1.500 mm

Mechanical characteristics


Physical stateRmRp02A50Hardness