Aluminium Power

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Aluminiun Power is an aluminum alloy with high performance conductivity. With a high purity of 99.7%, Aluminum Power guarantees a conductivity of over 35.5 microsiemens, a feature that makes Cobral’s strips ideal for the transformer industry.


From the choice of raw material to finished product checking: Cobral takes care of all the steps, ensuring a high quality product with high conductivity. Aluminum Power is the added value that distinguishes Cobral’s aluminum strips on the domestic and international markets.

Purity of the raw material Purity of the raw material

The guarantee of the Aluminum Power brand comes from the scrupulous choice of raw material: Cobral works only high quality aluminum with a purity of 99.7%. Only starting from a refined raw material, the aluminum strips guarantee an extremely good electrical conductivity ideal for the transformer industry.

Conductivity verification test Conductivity verification

The technical staff places particular emphasis on the control of the electrical conductivity values: tests and measurements are performed with precision instruments both on the raw material and on the output semi-finished products. The goal of finishing tape finishes is to make sure that there are no alterations during processing.

Precision metal production Precision production

Quality is the common denominator that accompanies every moment of processing the semi-finished “Aluminum Power”. The result is a finished product of extreme quality, taken care of in every detail, from cutting to packaging. Each outbound product is marked with a certificate showing its quality and working characteristics.

icona trasformatori cobral

Aluminum for manufacturers of electrical transformers

The Aluminum Power brand is positioned on the domestic and overseas market, meeting the specific needs of electric power transformer manufacturers. Needs that are oriented first of all to the quality of semi-finished products, along with precision in ordering process, meeting lead times at competitive costs.

bobina di materiale non ferroso

Quality in the details

In the aluminum strip industry, retail care is what makes a product an ideal service in the field of electrical transformers

The attention given to the choice of raw material is carried out at all stages of the processing, up to the exit from the warehouse. Pointing to quality also means giving the customer the opportunity to customize their product: the width and thickness of the strips are calculated to best meet the specific requirements of each project.

During transport, entrusted to trusted couriers, the semi-finished products are protected by a shocking proof and weather-resistant plastic packaging and identified by a transport bubble that guarantees the fastness and traceability of the goods.


cobral metal strip

All aluminum strips are provided by Cobral without any guarantee and with limited width tolerances: qualities that are also preserved during packaging.
aluminium strips

The company also places great emphasis on packaging: Aluminum strips are wrapped with coil aligned on cardboard core and with the possibility of paper interlayer.

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