Semi-finished non-ferrous products

Brass sheets and strips

Cobral’s strength in brass semi-finished products is the ability to provide a very large range of copper alloys, ranging from CuZn10 to CuZn37. A so varied supply of brass strips and sheets allows the company to supply different industrial sectors. One on all is the production of electrical contacts: faston, clamps, and electro-technical products


Semi-finished brass units find a market in very different industries, from electric and electronic to textiles, automotive and musical instruments. Common point of all these applications is the quality of the brass product: in all the strips and sheets provided by Cobral, quality is ensured by a scrupulous production process and by the very strict quality standards. The availability and the specific advice on each product creates a trusted relationship with the customer that lasts over time.

Supply of brass

Technical specifications and reference standards

Brass supplied according to the UNI EN 1652 standard

Supply of CuZn brass

Other types of brass: CuZn10 – CuZn15 – CuZn30 – CuZn33 – CuZn36 – CuZn37

Physical state: R240 – R270 – R280 – R300 – R350 – R410 – R420 – R480 – R500 – R550

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