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Cutting workshop


Cobral provides high quality metallic strips

Aluminum strips and aluminum alloys, as well as copper, brass, bronze and German silver are the products that Cobral offers to metal shops. They can be supplied with tin, nickel and silver plating, according to the specific requirements of the customer.

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The strips for cutting workshops are supplied with 0.2 mm thickness and minimum width of 8 mm. The coil is supplied with internal diameter of 300/400/500 mm and external diameter on request. Delivery on europallets is decided on customer’s specifications. Cobral’s machining provides a longitudinal cut to size guaranteed burrs-free and with narrow width tolerances. The material is non-scrawled shaping edge, and it is in accordance with the specifications requested by the customer. The quality of an excellent finished product is guaranteed on each order, also in case of limited volumes. Every Cobral product is supplied accompanied with a certificate of quality.

Complex supplying
For semi-finished products intended for metal shops, including the automotive sector, a product made with “special process” is used: technological features implemented by Cobral’s selected suppliers to allow the supplying of complex details.

Certified quality
Cobral owns the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification. Aluminum and copper are supplied in accordance with UNI EN standards:
UNI EN 485/2 485/3 485/4
UNI EN 573/3 UNI 1652.

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