German silver sheets

lastre in alpacca cobral

One of the precious characteristics of the Cobral German silver sheets is the planarity, obtained by taking in consideration the tolerance on the diagonal

Quality that makes sheets particularly suitable for use areas such as cutlery, household items and glasses.

The standard size of a German silver sheet is 1300x300mm but Cobral staff is available to identify any other formats suitable for customer.

Customizable sheets

Respecting the specific requirements of each manufacturing sector is the starting point for an excellent end result. For this, Cobral offers a wide variety of customizable formats to customers, to be studied and identified with the support of highly qualified technical staff.

Packaging Mode

In order to preserve the integrity of the German silver sheets, Cobral pay particular attention to the packaging and the delivery of each product. The sheets are overlapped using interlayers and then packed with a protective plastic film. The lots arrive at the customer with a certificate of guarantee and transported by a trusted courier.

EN CuSn8 CEN CW453K ASTM (CDA) C52100 AFNOR CuSn9P BS PB104 JIS C5210

Technical features


0,30 - 3 mm


340 x 1000 mm
340 x 2000 mm

Mechanical characteristics


AlloyEN NODensityElectric conductibilityElasticity module
(N/mm2)g/cm2 MS/m%IACSKn/m2