Semi-finished non-ferrous products

Aluminum strips and sheets

The processing of aluminum strips and bars respect high quality standards that guarantee an extremely cautious product: with purity from 99.5%, 34.5 Ms / m guarantee, oil-free material, uncoated rolls and aligned spires. These peculiarities allow Cobral to become one of the world’s leading players in quality non-ferrous semi-finished products


Cobral’s semi-finished aluminum meets the needs of all sectors of use. One over all is the production of transformers, where coils have to be burrs-free and perfectly aligned. Those are essential prerequisites for the successful completion of the final product. In fact, the relationship between Cobral and its customers starts from the design and the choice of the most suitable product: a counseling that is a guarantee of success and satisfaction, lasting up to the finished product, which comes out of the warehouse in compliance with set time and specific requirements.
The brand is associated with the supply of aluminum alloys, highly demanded in the automotive sector and for stamping.

Cobral offers its customers producers and suppliers in the field of electrical transformer production an efficient and complete service. Our warehouse will be equipped with aluminium bars in accordance with the technical and qualitative requirements of our customers.

Aluminum supply

Technical specifications and reference standards

Aluminum provided in accordance with the relevant regulations: UNI EN 485/2 485/3 485/4 UNI EN 573/3 EN 14121

Supply of aluminum AW1080A AW1070A AW1050A AW1350

Supply of aluminum alloys: belonging to the group 3000 – 5000 – 6000 – 7000 – 8000

Physical state: H0 – H111 – H22 – H24 possibility of other physical states on request

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