Bronze strips

nastri in bronzo cobral

Cobral offers its customers bronze sheets with different characteristics, depending on the use area

The company manages to provide durability on request, limiting its range to a 10-point range: this is what is required by springs for spring production.

The standard supply includes bronze strips with thicknesses of 0.2mm to 3mm, but the company is still able to diversify the offer in accordance with the customer’s needs and time schedule.

Sampling available

In the case of orders of small size bronze strips, Cobral offers its customers the possibility of sampling, thanks to the support and advice of highly qualified technical staff.

Accurate packaging

Cobral manufactures bronze strips with wood or corner separators, cardboard separators and a plastic film that protects them from shocks and weather agents. Each pallet is then marked with a tag (referring CUSTOMER NAME – MATERIAL – ALLOY – STRIP MEASURE – LOT NO. – WEIGHT) allowing clear identification.

EN CuSn8 CEN CW453K ASTM (CDA) C52100 AFNOR CuSn9P BS PB104 JIS C5210

Technical features


0,15 - 3 mm


4 - 320 mm

Internal diameter

300 - 400 - 500 mm

Outer diameter

2000 mm

Mechanical characteristics

TEMPERTensile StrenghtYield Strenght StandardElongation StandardYield Strenght Bending optimizedElongation Thermal Stress RelievedHardness
RmRp0,2A50mm MinimumRp0,2 MinimumA50mm Minimum
R350350 .. 420≤ 3004580 .. 120
R420420 .. 520≥ 3502234029120 .. 170
R500500 .. 590≥ 4501541022160 .. 190
R560560 .. 650≥ 5201049015180 .. 210
R640640 .. 730≥ 590557012200 .. 230
R720≥ 720≥ 6506204≥ 210
R850≥ 850≥ 8001.5≥ 240