Semi-finished non-ferrous products

Copper strips and sheets

Copper strips and sheets represent Cobral’s response to the demand for highly specific sectors. Springs and contactors manufacturers and designers involved in the radiator and automotive sectors are able to find in these semi-finished copper the quality they need for their work: copper 99.98% pure, unbroken tapes, Wrapping with aligned coil on cardboard core, restricted width tolerances are just a few examples of the concrete meaning that Cobral wants to give the word quality


Cobral’s commitment to a finished product meeting the expectations begins with listening to customer requests. Continuous availability, experience and advising are qualities that mark the national brand in the field of supplying of semi-finished copper products. Copper strips and sheets are largely used in the electrical, electronics and building industry for its electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and the ability to take shape in cold forming.

Copper supply

Technical specifications and reference standards

Copper supplied according to UNI EN 1652 and UNI EN 13599

Supply of copper ETP-DHP

Supply of copper alloys: CUZN- CUSN6

Physical state: R220 – H040 – R240 – H065 – R290 – H090 – R360 – H110

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