Copper strips

nastri in rame cobral

The Cobral copper strips have a range of thickness ranging from 0.2 mm to 4 mm, with a width of 8 mm up to …

For this type of semi-finished product, the company is able to satisfy demand also for small lots as well as orders with remarkable quantities. In the case of small batches, Cobral gives the possibility of sampling during the mold design phase. The company allows to fix the cost of the raw material at 3 months for larger orders.

Copper strips can be tinned and nickel-plated, providing the customer with all the specific phases required, from order to delivery.

Cost of raw material at 3 months

The company provides customers with important orders quantities to fix raw material costs at 3 months: thanks to the ability to make a stock, delivery is guaranteed in the requested week.

Limited tolerances

The quality of copper strips means: very narrow tolerances for width, burrs-free processing, wrapping with aligned coils with the possibility of inserting paper interlayers and cardboard core.

Reference Norms
EN Cu-ETP CEN CW004A ASTM (CDA) C11000 AFNOR Cu-a1 BS C101 JIS C1100
EN Cu-DHP CEN CW024A ASTM (CDA) C12200 AFNOR Cu-b1 BS C106 JIS C1220

Technical features


0,05 - 4 mm


5 - 500 mm

Internal diameter

100 - 300 - 400 - 500 mm

Outer diameter

500 - 1200 mm


2120 kg max

Mechanical characteristics

Tensile strengthEnervationElongationHardness
Rm (N/mm2)Rp0,2 (N/mm2)A50mm%HV
R220220260(max 140)3342
R240240300(min 180)46
R290290360(min 250)46
R360360(min 320)2