Certified quality in the semi-finished non-ferrous sector


Cobral owns RINA, IQNet and ISO 9001 Certification for Quality Systems, obtained as an acknowledgment of an organized structure and able to meet markets demand

Cobral srl represents a quality response in the market of semi-finished non-ferrous metals. The quality that the company express into finished products, has the utmost processing details care, promptness of the orders and the advice of counseling to the customer. Technical support is carried forward by highly qualified and specialized staff identifying the best solution according to the required specifications and solving any problems during the project processing.

In the aluminum sector, Cobral brand is associated with an extremely sought after product: the strips and sheets of the company have a conductivity higher than the standard required by the norm.


certificazione rina
certificazione iqnet


A specialized staff with a decade-long experience guarantees customers looking for quality semi-finished non-ferrous metals, consulting that starts from the very beginning of the project

Cobral is not only a supplier of non-ferrous semi-finished products, but a solid and reliable partner. The staff establishes a full-fledged relationship with the customer by supporting it in the choice of materials and formats, assisting in finding the most appropriate solution to their requirements. In addition, Cobral makes it available to constantly update the customer on the progress of work to ensure duly timelines.

Aftersales Assistance

Sales staff is in constant contact with the customer: the advice provided is an added value that makes Cobral a reliable partner

Cobral remains a landmark for its customers even when the product is ready and arrived at its destination. Once again, salespeople and agents dealing with post-sales advice are a key exchange moment, crucial to collecting feedback and aiming to reach an ever-increasing level of optimization of the production process.

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