Bronze sheets and strips

Cobral offers its customers the ability to supply semi-finished bronze (CuSn4 / 5/6/8) tin-plated. The tinned service on strips, in size and hardness required, makes the company a resource for the entire electrical contact industry. The quality of bronze strips and sheets makes these products ideal for industries such as jewelry’s art


In the bronze semi-finished products supplied by Cobral, the customer can find the safety of a quality raw material, coupled with the customization of the product according to its needs. Bronze strips and sheets are the result of a common project that arises from listening to customer requests: Cobral is not just supplying non-ferrous semi-finished products, but also consulting, from the order of the goods to the exit from the warehouse.

Supply bronze

Technical specifications and reference standards

Bronze provided in accordance with UNI EN 1652

Supply of bronze CuSn6

CuSn8 bronze alloys at request specification

Physical state: R350 – R420 – R500 – R560 – R640 – R720 – R850

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