Aluminium bars

Cobral, in order to satisfy the requests of its customers and to guarantee a better service, has included in its range of products also aluminium extrusions, in particular flat bars alloy 1050, purity 99,5%

The characteristic of the product is to provide the full radius bars, which is also required in the transformer industry.

Ideal products for the production of electrical transformers

Each Cobral aluminium bar is accurately cut and its thickness is measured carefully. The quality of the processing of the product is essential to make these products conform to the specifications required in the field of electrical transformer manufacturing.

Product Quality

The standard length of the profile is 4 meters. Our product is certified and guaranteed, the incoming material is subjected to strict controls having as reference the standards in force. In order to guarantee the best conditions of transport and to ensure the quality of the product, each single profile is wrapped in protective paper and placed in special boxes

EN 573-3

Technical features


?? - ?? mm


?? - ?? mm

Internal diameter

?? - ?? mm

Outer diameter

?? - ?? mm


?? - ?? mm

Mechanical characteristics

AlloyTensile strength Rm
Yield Strength Rp0,2
MinMaxMin MaxHB%
Lega 1050609520-2023
Lega 6060120-60-5014