Cobral is the ideal partner for the supply of strips and sheets

Customers choose Cobral for the quality of its sales service and supplying of aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and German silver strips and sheets

Since the beginning, Quality has been found in raw materials, and then grows thanks with the attention to processing details, to the packaging and to the consulting and assistance service. The company has been choosing to distinguish its brand since 2010.

stampaggio veloce di materiali non ferrosi cobral
icona velocità nella lavorazione cobral

Quickness in processing

Cobral knows how the respect of lead-time required by the customer is crucial to the success of a project

That is why for each order it guarantees the respect of the processing and delivery times. Qualified technical personnel and agents create a trusted relationship with the customer, making fluid and optimizing all the work steps.

In addition, experienced and trusted couriers ensure the transport of strips and sheets safely and quickly throughout the country.

magazzino di materiali non ferrosi cobral
icona magazzino cobral

always ready

Warehouse always equipped and always organized: this is the secret of Cobral for the satisfaction of whichever small or large customer

Continuous availability of non-ferrous semi-finished products makes the company able to respond to requests, even in small quantities in real time.

This promptness on the market allows Cobral to maintain competitive prices and make the speed and the versatility two of its strengths.

operaio cobral lavora con qualità
icona qualità dei servizi cobral

Quality and
care of products

The quality of semi-finished products made of aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and German silver is one of the characteristics most distinguished by the Cobral product

To ensure such a high quality standard, a good choice of raw material is not enough: Cobral puts careful attention at all stages of the production process. Significant examples are the absence of flashes, the perfect alignment of the coil and the very narrow tolerances found on the strips and the sheets in the different materials.

packagine prodotti cobral
icona packaging prodotti non ferrosi cobral

Custom care when packing

Packaging is carried out according to very high quality standards

Packaging is the product’s first business card and at the same time it is the element that can preserve, or otherwise compromise, the performances of the entire process. Cobral’s sheets and strips are packaged with extreme care thanks to the use of separators, interposed paper, and plastic film that protect from shocks and environment during delivery.

tecnico cobral esegue controllo conducibilità
icona conducibilità


The electrical conductivity values are constantly monitored and checked throughout the production process

High electrical conductivity is a guarantee of a quality product: for this reason, the staff performs repeated tests at every stage of processing. Conductivity is initially verified on the raw material: Cobral chooses raw materials with a high purity, thus ensuring a high conductivity for strips and sheets. At the end of the process, further control of the finished product is performed to verify that no alteration has taken place during processing.

tecnico controlla durezza materiali cobral
icona controllo durezza materiali non ferrosi cobral


Careful and scrupulous control of hardness is guaranteed by a quality certificate that accompanies each product

Hardness verification of each material is a moment of control to which the Cobral technical staff is very careful: it is carried out in a professional way through the use of very accurate instrumentation. At the time of delivery, along with the shipment documents, the customer receives a certificate of the quality of the finished product and ensures that the hardness control has been carried out.

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