Copper sheets

lastre di rame cobral

The supply of copper strips with a size of 1000 × 2000 mm or with different sizes (also available in square format)

Standard pallets are 1000 kg, for smaller quantities can also be available.

The attention of the processing phase is completed by extreme care in the packaging: the sheets are provided with interlayer paper or a protective film that preserves the surface from scratches and weather damages.

Custom sizes

Cobral listens to and satisfies the needs of each customer, ensuring all working times and above all an excellent end result. This includes the different sizes of copper sheets made available by the company, designed to meet the specific requirements of any product sector.

Product quality

The quality of copper sheets produced by Cobral starts with high purity of raw material (99.98%) and improves at every stage of processing. From choosing the right cut and ideal size, to the careful packaging in details: sheet-to-sheet paper, protective plastic film and quality certificate on the finished product.

Reference Norms
EN Cu-ETP CEN CW004A ASTM (CDA) C11000 AFNOR Cu-a1 BS C101 JIS C1100
EN Cu-DHP CEN CW024A ASTM (CDA) C12200 AFNOR Cu-b1 BS C106 JIS C1220

Technical features


0,30 - 3 mm


500 x 1000 mm
500 x 2000 mm
1000 x 2000 mm

Mechanical characteristics

Tensile strengthEnervationElongationHardness
Rm (N/mm2)Rp0,2 (N/mm2)A50mm%HV
R220220260(max 140)3342
R240240300(min 180)46
R290290360(min 250)46
R360360(min 320)2