Brass sheets

lastre in ottone cobral

The range of brass sheets made available by Cobral are from a minimum thickness of 0.4mm to a maximum of 3mm

As far as the width is concerned, the company produces sheets from 200 mm up to 1,500 mm, to meet the needs of the different areas of use, starting with those of the turning sheets and building sheets.

Cobral supplies brass sheets also brushed and shiny mirror, packed with a pvc film that protects them from scratches and damage caused by weather agents.

Support provided by counseling

Cobral is not only a supplier of non-ferrous semi-finished products, but also customer-specific counselor at any stage of processing: qualified technicians identify the products that best meet the needs of the target industry in terms of choosing material, size, and packaging.

Certified sheets

Each batch of brass sheets exiting from the Cobral warehouse has a certificate showing its conformity and technical characteristics. The quality of the product and the high standard of manufacturing are for customers synonymous of safety and reliability.

EN CuZn10 CEN CW501L ASTM (CDA) C22000 AFNOR CuZn10 BS CZ101 JIS C2200
EN CuZn15 CEN CW502L ASTM (CDA) C23000 AFNOR CuZn15 BS CZ102 JIS C2300
EN CuZn30 CEN CW505L ASTM (CDA) C26000 AFNOR CuZn30 BS CZ106 JIS C2600

Technical features


0,30 - 4 mm


1340 x 670 mm
1000 x 2000 mm