Supply of aluminium, copper, brass, bronze and German silver strips and sheets

Sectors of Application

Cobral supplies aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and German silver strips and sheets for different applications and industrial sectors

Electric transformers

Electric transformers

Supply of high conductivity strips guaranteed by the high purity of aluminum and copper…


Metal Pressing

Quality non-ferrous semi-finished products, supplied with customized sizes and quantities…

Cutting workshop

Cutting workshop

Strips and sheets produced with technical quality ideal for precision machining…


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Metal service


Cobral’s non-ferrous semi-finished products meet high quality standards required in sectors such as electrical transformers, molding and precision mechanics

Aluminium Power Aluminium Power

Aluminum Power is a Cobral brand that identifies high quality aluminum semi-finished products: a guarantee of over 35.5 Ms/m and 99.7% purity for a material that can secure high electrical conductivity.

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Quickness, attention and availability


Customer satisfaction is a commitment that begins with a quality product and continues even after delivery

stampaggio veloce di materiali non ferrosi cobral Quickness in processing

Respect for working and delivery time is the guarantee that Cobral offers to its customers. Quickness does not exclude quality and attention in the processing…

operaio cobral lavora con qualità Quality and care of products

The quality of non-ferrous semi-finished products supplied by Cobral starts with a careful selection of raw material, underlined by accurate machining carried out by skillful people…

magazzino di materiali non ferrosi cobral Warehouse always ready

An always stocked and organized warehouse guarantees continuous availability of strips and sheets, enabling the company to respond promptly to any kind of order…