Bronze sheets

Lastre in bronzo nel magazzino Cobral

Supply of bronze sheets with customization of the product and respect for the specific needs of the customer

Cobral provides a standard size of 1340 × 670 mm and 1000 × 2000 mm. Along with these measures, other ones can be processed according to customer requirements: the company’s technical staff has the task of providing the most suitable bronze semi-finished product to the target industrial sector.

Attention to details

The Cobral bronze strips are reliable products because the attention is paid at every stage of the work. Quality raw material, worked by experienced staff in strict compliance with standards, produces a very high level of result. The paper between sheets and strips and the protective film complete the product packaging, immediately identifying the company’s values.

Sampling service

For customers who need it, Cobral provides a “sampling” service: at the initial stage of the project, the engineers work on samples of ordered bronze sheets. In this way, the company ensures a finished product that meets 100% of the required demands.

Reference Norms
EN CuSn8 CEN CW453K ASTM (CDA) C52100 AFNOR CuSn9P BS PB104 JIS C5210

Technical features


0,30 - 3 mm


340 x 1000 mm
340 x 2000 mm

Mechanical characteristics

TEMPERTensile StrenghtYield Strenght StandardElongation StandardYield Strenght Bending optimizedElongation Thermal Stress RelievedHardness
RmRp0,2A50mm MinimumRp0,2 MinimumA50mm Minimum
R350350 .. 420≤ 3004580 .. 120
R420420 .. 520≥ 3502234029120 .. 170
R500500 .. 590≥ 4501541022160 .. 190
R560560 .. 650≥ 5201049015180 .. 210
R640640 .. 730≥ 590557012200 .. 230
R720≥ 720≥ 6506204≥ 210
R850≥ 850≥ 8001.5≥ 240