Aluminum sheets

Lastre in alluminio nel magazzino cobral

Aluminum sheets have a wide variety of alloys and hardnesses, which makes them suitable for different sectors of use

Cobral is a provider of high quality aluminum sheets, diversified for alloys and hardnesses, which can be used in various areas of use such as sheets for turning, punching machines and carpentry.
Concerning the size, the company can satisfy any customer request: the cutting of sheets are made on aluminum coils up to 1,500 mm width, with a thickness from 0,4 mm to 4 mm. The packaging is set on pallets designed according to the needs and the size of the material.

Length up to 8 meters

The use of a special slitting machine allows Cobral to supply aluminum sheets that can reach up to 8 meters long.

Custom packaging

The packaging is made with custom pallets according to the set requirements: it is possible to protect the product with paper interlayer between the aluminum sheets and a protective film against shocks and environment conditions.

Reference Norms
EN Cu-ETP CEN CW004A ASTM (CDA) C11000 AFNOR Cu-a1 BS C101 JIS C1100
EN Cu-DHP CEN CW024A ASTM (CDA) C12200 AFNOR Cu-b1 BS C106 JIS C1220

Technical features


0,30 - 5 mm


500 - 1000 mm
1000 - 2000 mm

Mechanical characteristics



Physical state